Fruit centerpiece

Red Mediterranean Fruit Holder Centerpiece

Alessi is an Italian brand that deals with contemporary product design in the field of kitchen appliances in stainless steel. Alessi’s Mediterranean red fruit holder is 4 inches tall and 11 and half inch wide. It reminds of the spectacular corals in the deep ocean. A beautiful replica of the corals, this bowl can serve as a focal centerpiece or a fruit bowl.

If you ever get a chance to witness sea corals, you will be stunned by the beautiful colours and the patterns of these living creatures under the sea. Some of the coral reefs are more than 5000 years old and they support a wide diversity of marine life like sea anemones, sponges, algae, crabs and fish. They are very important for the eco-system that inhabits the sea from thousands of years. They are like a mini eco system similar to the Amazon rainforest that supports thousands of species since the continents separated and life began on earth.

  • Made of stainless steel and coated in epoxy resin
  • Can be hand washed
  • Available in 3 colours of Red, Black and Silver
  • Also available in small size of 8.25 inches diameter

For a beautiful Mediterranean setting, pair it with Tuscan pottery, Italian tableware or any Mediterranean theme napkins or table runner. Designed by the talented jewellery designer Emma Silvestris this is a great addition for interiors and a perfect gift for new home-owners or newlyweds.

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