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Reflective Safety Vest For Running In The Dark

I Love The Night Life

If the words to “I love the Night Life”, by; Alicia Bridges, resonates through your mind during a run.- You may be running in the dark a little too often. Regardless if your schedule, or preference dictates that your runs occur during aperiod other than the light of day, you should probably be taking precautions to make sure you are seen by cyclists, and motorists. Too many runners are struck by cars that could not see them while they were running in the dark.

Wear bright reflective clothing

A run in the rain, especially at dawn, dusk, and night time can make an unmarked runner virtually impossible to see. So unless your run is part of a Ninja mission, wear bright reflective clothing or accessories. You don’t have to dress like a road hazard sign, but you certainly want to be noticed if you are running anywhere near vehicle or bike traffic. “SAFETY FIRST”

Wear a reflective running vest

The best way to insure you will be seen by others while running in the dark is to wear a safety vest designed just for that purpose. The Nathan Streak Reflective Safety Vest is a runners friend. It is completely adjustable, allows for full range of motion, let’s you be seen up to 1200 feet away, and is so lightweight you probably won’t even know you are wearing it. Order you reflective night time running safety vest from Nathan today, and you’ll be a bright spot in the night tomorrow.

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