Retro Fun: Fuji Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera

I’m not that old, but I do remember as a kid my mother having an instant camera. I wasn’t allowed to use it very often because I was trigger happy. There was just something thrilling about taking a picture and a crisp new photo sliding out of the back of the camera.

In this day of iPhones and Smartphones, a standalone camera is an oddity for most people who aren’t into photography as a career or hobby. Which is a shame, too. Yeah, your phone can take a decent picture, but it’s just an image on a device. How many of us actually print photos from our phone anymore? I know I’ve got hundreds of photos on my phone, and if my phone suddenly croaked, all my favorite photos would probably be lost.

Sometimes you just want to take a picture and share it. And I don’t mean on Facebook on Instagram. That’s why I think the Fuji Instax Mini is so great. I can snap a picture, print it out instantly, and give it to my friend right then. And instead of adding all those cool Instagram filters to make it look old school, I have the old school photo right in my hand.

I’m going to use this camera at my wedding for impromptu casual shots. I’ve heard of brides leaving disposable cameras on tables so guests can take pictures for the couple. I think this would be an awesome way to do the same thing. Plus, the photos would make great wedding favors for my guests as a momento from my wedding. I bet there will be a lot of shameless selfies taken!

It’s a cute camera that comes in five colors: pink, blue, white, yellow, and black. The Fuji has a flash and several different user modes, and comes with a handy strap. Be sure to buy film when you purchase this camera because it doesn’t come with any. Printed pictures are 2.13 inches by 3.4 inches in size.

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