Sesame Street Zombie Wall Decals

Given the constant connections Sesame Street makes with pop culture, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by the release of a Sesame Street zombies collection of wall decals. It’s just that they are usually using pop culture in a way that follows with the general lessons the show tries to teach. So these are for teaching a new kind of stranger danger?

Actually, I think they’re just fun, and as an adult, don’t care if they’re trying to teach me anything! The collection from Fathead includes 10 of our favorites, from Big Bird and Cookie to Elmo and Count. They’ve even included Abby and Zoe, so it’s not just the boys here.

Most of the decals are just over a foot wide and range from 20″ to 34″ tall. (It makes sense that Big Bird would be the tallest, but they made Grover just as tall, so not sure about the sizing logic.)

As far as the zombie look, hmmm. Big Bird mostly just looks stoned, the Count looks homeless and Grover like a sad, old, bald guy. The two girls are the most zombie like, actually, especially Abby Cadabby with her tattered wings and uneven eyes.

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