The Seven Year Itch With Marilyn Monroe

The Seven Year Itch is a Fun 50s Movie

The Seven Year Itch is a  breezy  romantic comedy movie.  It is   best known for the iconic  image of Monroe standing over a subway grate while her dress is blown due to the passing train.   Everyone is familiar with that classic, sexy image of Monroe.  This is a fun 50s  film and both leads are quite enjoyable.

Richard is a middle aged man who is left alone for the summer while his wife and child are away.  He has fantasies of being irresistible to women.  As a result, he is immediately attracted to the woman upstairs.  He invites her for a drink, and during the conversation he claims to be single.  When she sees his wedding ring he admits to being married.  It doesn’t matter one way or the other to her, since she is not attracted to him anyway.

However, he is very attracted to her and wonders if he can resist the Seven Year Itch.  They spend time together over several days.  She has no romantic interest in him whatsoever, but he continues to harbor fantasies.

The Seven Year Itch is a great film to watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon.   Tom Ewell is good as the conflicted husband who wants to be faithful but finds temptation hard to resist.

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