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SF-407 Fabric and Garment Steamer By Steamfast

Save time and money

For busy professionals that want to save time and money. The SF-407 Fabric and Garment Steamer, by Steamfast allows you to do simple touch ups, and full on wrinkle removal of even your most delicate articles of clothing without having to drop them off at a dry-cleaner’s. Like many overly committed  people you may find yourself too tire to even think about hanging your trousers, or pants suit after a twelve hour day, only to wake up the next morning grimacing, knowing that even though they are clean you won’t be getting a second wearing before sending them back for pressing.

Works on most fabrics

Perfect for suit coats, and  delicate fabric’s such as silk and fine cotton.  The Steamfast SF-407 is ready in under a minute, and works up to 45 minutes before you need to refill the 40 oz. water tank. It’s perfect for getting the creases out of curtains that have gotten pinched behind a chair, without having to take them down to be be pressed.

Great garment steamer reviews

Read all of the great garment steamer reviews and you’ll agree that the garment steamers by Steamfast are the best garment steamers sold online. Order you garment steamer today and you can be removing  wrinkles tomorrow.

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