Simply Ming One-Pot Meals

Simply Ming One-Pot Meals Cookbook

Cooking fast, easy, yet healthy meals for your family can be a challenge for any home cook. Far too often, we let our busy lives get in the way of cooking fresh and nutritious food from scratch and instead rely on “convenience” food products, take-out meals, or frozen dinners loaded with preservatives.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. Celebrated restauranteur and tv chef Ming Tsai has put together an excellent collection of quick, healthy, and also affordable recipes that home cooks of almost every skill level can prepare. “Simply Ming One-Pot Meals” is an excellent cookbook from which you’ll find lots of recipes you’ll be excited to try, whether on a busy weeknight or on the weekend when you want to serve up something delicious and different.

The recipes are groups by their primary cooking technique: braise, wok, saute, roast, high temperature, soup and toss (that is, salads!) You’ll find plenty of dishes both familiar and perhaps exotic to try in these pages, such as Curry Beef with Potatoes and Onions, Scallop and Bacon Fettuccine, Thai Basil Shrimp Risotto, Ginger Chicken Thighs with Parsnips, Sweet and Sour Mango Pork, and Seared Salmon and Greek Yogurt Salad. (The photos above show four of the recipes I’ve prepared with success: Curried Butterfish with Olive Chutney, Three-Bean Chili, Clams with Pork and Jicama, and Lion’s Head Meatballs and Snow Cabbage with House Rice.)

Many of the recipes reflect Ming’s love for “fusion” flavors, adding an Asian touch or ingredients to traditional Italian, French, and American dishes.  The Three-Bean Chili, for instance, sees a classic easy bean chili dressed up with Japanese Tamari soy sauce and fermented black beans for a delicious hint of umami. There is also a large selection of vegetarian recipes in the book for healthy eating, including Vegetarian Paella, Tofu Greek Salad, and Asian Ratatouille with Whole-wheat Couscous.

I personally recommend this cookbook highly if you are looking to explore new tastes and flavor following easy, simple cooking techniques in your home kitchen. These are fun and exciting recipes that kids and adults should enjoy trying, and you won’t need to spend all day in the kitchen to do so–nor your entire paycheck!

In the video below, get a taste for Ming’s cooking techniques as he explains the “Secrets” of making perfect rice…just as he describes doing so in “Simply Ming One-Pot Meals”.

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