Sims 4 Is Not Worth it, Stick to Sims 3

Unless you’ve lived under a rock or hidden in some cave far from civilization, you have heard about the Sims. Maybe you even want to try the game. If you do, although the Sims 4 is out, you should stick to the previous version. The 4th version is expensive and doesn’t add anything worth that kind of price. So here’s the Sims 3 review (for how bad the 4th is, just do some Goggle search, you’ll see what I mean!):

The Sims 3 is for 13 and older and will appeal to teen girls.

The Sims 3 is a virtual life simulator. In this game you control the lives of as many characters, or “Sims” as you want. You can do anything, from something as basic as taking a shower, to something more complicated like solving complicated riddles. Or even just have them take a stroll in the park. Just make sure you Sim gets home in time for work, or school!

In this game you will find just about all the wonderful problems, and excitement you get to deal with, or wish you got to deal with, in your real life. From burglary to fires, to an angry baby at 3 am, this game has it all.

If you have played any other Sims game then you know what to expect. But let me tell you this, even if you own Sims, or Sims 2, you will still want to get this game. This game is on a completely different level. From terrific character customization, using different personality trait combinations, to traveling the entire map without visiting a loading screen.

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