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Skeleton Computer Toppers

Let these fun skeleton computer toppers keep you company during this Halloween season!   They portray a macabre (although cute) variation of the three wise monkeys of ancient Asian folklore proverb that, “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”

This proverb has been interpreted a couple different ways.  The original meaning was to remind us to practice right speech and action – to not think ill of others, to not speak ill of others, and to not listen to people who would show ill will toward others (i.e. don’t gossip or listening to gossip, and don’t go prying into other people’s business).   The meaning has sometimes been turned around in our Western culture and can refer to people who turn a blind eye to the evils that are around us.   I prefer the first meaning, myself!

Whichever meaning to the proverb you prefer, I bet you and your friends will enjoy the presence of these cute little skeletal guys whether they watch you from atop your computer or from a nearby shelf.   They’re small, a little less than three inches high in their sitting positions, so they won’t get in your way.

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