Slo-Bowl: Slow Feeding Bowl to Keep Pet Obesity at Bay

Did you know that our furry friends also need a diet program? Obesity is not only used to describe human beings but is also a popular term in the canine world. Yes and there is such a thing as canine obesity which means bloating due to rapid eating which is fatal. Dogs literally die because of over eating. So, how do we stop this epidemic among our pooches, pups and hounds? Simple, as man’s best friend, they need to be fed the natural way, the healthy way and the playful way. This is what the Kyjen Slo-Bowl Feeder offers. With the use of this bowl, it requires your dog to scavenge their feast, eating only in small amounts at a time. This bowl adds a bit of fun to every bite. Fine dining – the dog-style way. Remember, when it is time to dine, feed your dog with peace of mind.

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