Cat activity food dispenser

Smart cat feeder game with maze

Cat stimulation toys come in all sorts and forms but the cat feeder game by Hagen Catit takes the prize as best selling, best performing and most loved by owners.

Cats, specially those who live indoors get bored and fat due to lack of stimulation, not enough exercise and food that is too easily accessible. The easy solution is to put some hurdles in the way and make your favorite pet work for their food. This sounds like a bad thing but it is the opposite – it’s a good thing!

Cats are smart animals and they need to wrestle with challenges (mental and physical) to be happy. The Catit food dispenser does double jobs since it also puts your cat to the test in a stimulating activity game.

Shown above are three cat stimulation gadgets that come as a kit and should be enough to satisfy even the most under-stimulated cat in the world.

The Hagen value bundle includes a tunnel toy for pet snacks which can be configured into different shapes and a food dispenser which is a multi-tiered maze. On top of that, every feline friend’s favorite: the automatic cat massage station!

There are loads of images and videos uploaded on Amazon by buyers that show their cats in action with these toys.  The complete kit shown here is unbelievably cheap and thousands of positive reviews tell the same story – it’s great!

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