DigiMemo Digital Notepad

SolidTek DigiMemo Digital Notepad

While digital devices have almost completely replaced the need for paper, there are still times when pen and paper is preferable to a touch screen, even a pressure sensitive one. The feel of pen on paper can be difficult to replace but having a digital version that we can store, easily edit and share is a huge advantage digital devices have.

The SolidTek DigiMemo Digital Notepad attempts to bridge the divide between the two by letting you write and sketch on any paper using a special digital pen that writes using normal ink but it can record all your strokes digitally and store it on a computer for sharing or editing.

Besides the digital pen, the SolidTek DigiMemo Digital Notepad also makes use of a special pad with a pressure sensitive backing surface that you mount your notepad or paper on. The Digital Notepad then digitally transcribe your writing and drawings and save them to 32MB built-in memory on the device itself. For more storage, you can add an optional SD card into the card reader. Saved notes can be transferred to a PC via USB using the included software. The software is also used for viewing, editing and organizing your notes on your computer.

Perfect for sketch artists and students who still need to take a lot of hand written notes.

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