Solowheel by Inventist

Solowheel Self Balancing Unicycle by Inventist

The Solowheel is sort of a cross between a Segway and a unicycle. Instead of a 2 wheeled transporter with a gyroscope that self balances the vehicle, you get only one wheel and no handle to hang on to or steer and unlike a unicycle, you have no seat of pedals. The Solowheel Self Balancing Unicycle is a very peculiar ride.

What the Solowheel has are a couple of footrests on either side of the wheel. To ride the Solowheel, you place both feet on the footrests and clamping the padding above the footrests. To move forward and backwards, just lean in that direction. Twisting your feet allows you to steer. Just like the Segway, it takes a bit of practice to get the feel of it but once you get it, you’ll be zipping along at up to 10 mph.

The Solowheel runs on a rechargeable battery that has a range of up to 10 miles. It takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge the battery. It also has a green feature built in. Going downhill recharges the battery like a hybrid car does.

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