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Solowheel Unicylce Motorized Personal Urban Transportation System

P.U.T.S. The personal urban transportation system

I like to call the Solowheel Unicylce bike a “Personal Urban Transportation System”, it makes for a neat lit acronym P.U.T.S – pronounced:putz (pəts). It looks like a perfect method of transportation for putzing around the neighborhood. You’ll get about 10 miles to the completely charged battery, and it only takes about an hour to gain a full charge.

Available with training aids 

The Solowheel unicycle is actually easier to learn to ride than a conventional unicycle. There is no seat to balance yourself on, and the momentum of the wheel keeps the unit stabled. It has a gyroscopic effect that helps keeps it to stay upright while in motion. You’ll just need to practice a little until you can adjust your balance. Not so sure about yourself? There are optional training wheels available wile you learn to find the ground beneath you.

Ruggedly made of hi-tech materials

The Solowheel is a ruggedly made of hi-tech materials, is eco-friendly, easy to store,  and is quite possibly the most compact motorized personal transportation device available today. Check out the Solowheel Unicylce today and you may decide you want to be riding this futuristic mode of transportation tomorrow.

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