Dogwood tree table

Spectacular Dogwood Tree Table

Inspired by the four seasons Dogwood tree that grows 20 to 30 feet tall with blossoms in the spring and spectacular foliage throughout the autumn, summer and winter, this Dogwood Tree Table in garnet shade is absolutely stunning. It comes with 10 different options of colours – some of them are beige, blue, white, yellow, green, red etc.

It is a customized table that combines the beauty of wrought iron with Tiffany style stained glass to create a fine art home furnishing. The masterpiece glass surpasses any glass for decorative and lighting purposes. This custom made glass is luminous, transparent and richer in colour compared to any glass that Louis C. Tiffany made because it uses contemporary design techniques.

  • The Dogwood table is designed with a hand forged iron
  • 13 florets are used for the adornment
  • The signature glass from Jezebel is made from a special technique that is patented
  • The base is handmade wrought tree design of rust shade
  • The tree table looks stunning with the wired mechanism that lights up the “Black Eyed Susan” florets

Every time, you look at this adorable table your mood is bound to get an uplift when you watch the shimmering, soft rustic ambiance from the tree. Enjoy drinking your coffee from the Dogwood table top every day in the shade of this tree.

The gorgeous Dogwood Tree Table is an amazing table motivated and created by the artist to provide uniqueness and artistic blend of the modern technique with the romance and beauty of the Nature. The timber of dogwood tree is strong and dense. Though it is not the carpenter’s favourite wood when it comes to carving, it is valued for its strength and durability. It is preferred for making walking canes and heads of golf clubs. The wood is rare and prized.

The Dogwood trees love afternoon shades and moderate summer. The roots are shallow and hence they cannot survive drought for a longer time. Though the birds love the red berries and scatter the seeds for pollinating they do not grow abundantly everywhere. The reason is that they prefer shady slopes and rich soil. This is also why gardeners find it difficult to grow. It is a favourite for landscaping gardens and you will find their graceful presence in Europe, Asia and America.

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