Stackable Tetris LED Desk Lamp

Stackable Tetris LED Desk Lamp

You can’t get any geekier than this but if you are a fan of the classic Tetris game like me, you have to admit that a Tetris LED desk lamp that is made out from stackable Tetris blocks is one of the coolest thing ever and who cares what your friends and significant other thinks of you?

Each set of the Tetris LED desk lamp consists of all 7 pieces of the different Tetris blocks that you have come to love and they come in all different colors. Each of the individual “cubes” on the Tetris block is about 1″ cube in size. So if you stack all 7 pieces together, you get a structure roughly about 7″ x 4″ x 1″ in size. Of course, you can stack the pieces in any configuration that you want but the best part is that the pieces only light up if they are stacked together. Remove the piece from the stack and the light goes off! The lamp supports dual voltage so it can be used worldwide.

Hold on, it gets better. You can get multiple sets of the Tetris LED desk lamp and you can combine all the pieces together to create a huge Tetris display.

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