Staff of Gandalf

You know the drill: A staff is a really cool melee weapon and a magic wand that boosts magical damage. Fit for a battle mage or bad ass wizard, like Gandalf. +50 magic, +30 mellee. Beard is completely optional, of course.

This staff is not a puny toy. This is around 73″ tall and weighs about 6 pounds. It lights up, too, which is controlled by your magical prowess. Just kidding, there is an on/off switch for that.

You can get a replica of Gandalf the Grey’s staff. You can use it for Cosplay, use it a walking stick, heck you can even bonk a burglar with it. YOU SHALL NOT PASS up the chance to get this cool.

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One half of the founders of Whyrll. A normal guy by day, a ninja by night. Has the radical hair that can launch a thousand UFO's and has the coolness factor of a cucumber dipped in ketchup.

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