Star Trek Letter Opener

Star Trek Letter Opener

“Perhaps today is a good day to die!” – Worf

Don’t put your thumb through the stress of opening one more envelope. Winter is here and your sensitive skin needs pleasure, not pain. Don’t risk a paper cut or other injury induced from a haphazard opening of your mail. Instead, open your mail in true science fiction geek style with the Star Trek Klingon D’k tahg Letter Opener.

This miniature D’k tahg knife looks exactly like the one that Worf makes use of on the Star Trek: The Next Generation television and movie series. It is built with 5 ounces of zinc alloy metal and is quite ergonomic with dimensions of 8” by 3” by 4”. This letter opener really does feel perfect in your hand.  Plus, it looks quite sleek.

While you won’t use it to kill Kirk’s son, the D’k tahg knife opens envelopes in an instant and is the perfect piece of officially licensed merchandise for Star Trek fans. Pick up this Star Trek Letter Opener today and you’ll actually look forward to opening your deliveries, even your junk mail.

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