Star Trek Seekers – A Whole New Series

I just saw this book this evening in Barnes and Nobel’s in Callabassas, CA. It looks really interesting. I love the idea of Star Trek and that there are so many different alternate realities that we can explore.
The galaxy is a really large place!

I looks like there were two different ships sent out in the 24th century to explore and see what is out there in this version of the Star Trek Universe. This really opens up the story to be able to quite literally go in any direction! What new aliens will they find? What dramas will begin? How will it tie to our other favorite Star Trek Universes and crews?

The options for adventures is super high. I’m going to download this on my Kindle app so I can read it when I want. So, if you don’t have a Barnes and Nobel’s bookstore near by or just don’t like paper books, you can purchase it here!

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