SteriPen Traveler Portable UV Water Purifier

SteriPEN Traveler Portable UV Water Purifier

When I travel to places with questionable drinking water quality I always buy bottled water but I do feel guilty about using so much plastic and it’s not always readily available when I want it.  That’s when I wish I could fill my own bottle with tap water, disinfect it and drink it  up in just a few minutes wherever I am. If you have a portable UV water purifier like the SteriPen Traveler you can do just that. Unlike tablets or drops that need at least 30 minutes to do the job, this ultraviolet water purifier does the job in under 2 minutes!

The SteriPen Traveler is cheap, compact and lightweight and it runs on 4 lithium AA batteries, making it ideal for travelers and campers. Through the use of ultraviolet radiation it zaps bacteria, viruses and other microbes that make you sick. The UV lamp lasts for 3000 treatments and one set of batteries will purify 200 half liter bottles as long as the water you use is clear of particle matter.

The way it works is you turn it on, immerse it into a bottle of water or glass and stir. It takes just 90 seconds to sterilize 1 liter of water! If the device’s contacts don’t get fully submerged in a half full bottle, that’s OK. Just insert it anyway with the mouth of the bottle sealed by the SteriPen’s lip and invert the whole thing – no leaks at all! There are two automatic settings to make things easier – 48 seconds for half a liter and 90 seconds for 1 liter. If you have to purify more, just leave it in for multiple timer settings and you’re all set.

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