Old World Stingray Ornament

Stingray Ornament

Looking for sea life ornaments, or ornaments centered around the seashore? How about unusual beach, or sea coast themed ornaments? You cannot go wrong with this one, especially if you live around Florida’s coastline. Who doesn’t know how to do the “stingray shuffle”, to avoid being stung by rays?

This whimsical Old World Glass Stingray Ornament is safe! His stinger is under control!

We DO live on Florida’s coast – the Gulf Coast. Ever since I was a child, I knew that it is important to shuffle your feet when you are first entering the shallow waters. It helps to alert the stingrays that you are there, and they usually just glide away. Being stung by a stingray is an extremely painful and memorable experience. If you know someone who has HAD that experience, this would be a great way to “get back” at the rays.

The Old World Glass Company makes lots of interesting, unusual Christmas ornaments, and this one is no exception. We own a lot of them, already, and they have made our Christmas tree lots of fun!

The stingray ornament is hand-blown, and hand-decorated, and measures about 4 inches wide, all the way around. Every one of the ornaments we own, from the Old World Glass Company, we consider to be some of the best ones we ever purchased.

Why not add some interest to YOUR Christmas tree, with this delightful glass stingray ornament?

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