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Sucks to be a Chicken – a Funny Wall Decal

As funny wall decals go, this is one of the funniest I’ve seen. All the same, you’ve got to feel sorry for chickens. It’s hard to deny that it sucks when you are fated to become sandwich filling.

That’s why this red chicken wall sticker gives me a dilemma. Every time I see it, I start to giggle. Then I feel bad. That poor old rooster. Should I really be having a laugh at his expense?

Whatever the moral issues, this is a fun image for a kitchen that will raise a smile from young and young-at-heart alike.

The Sticker: What You Get

It’s a 24 by 24 inch wall sticker. If you use metric then that’s a generous 61 by 61 cm. Though the red silhouette of the chicken stands out beautifully, this is in fact a square decal. If you have keen eyes you’ll notice that there’s a little extra shading beneath the hen and also around it, in street art style.

The words are in white and pale blue within the red hen’s outline.

The beauty of wall decals is how easy they are to put up, take down and reposition. No glue, no residue, making them ideal if you rent or for kids rooms.

Why this Kitchen Wall Art Tickles Me

Aside from the funny truth behind the words, I like the bold design of this sticker. It’s modern in its simplicity and makes me think of Banksy, but a red and white scheme is also going to suit a lot of kitchen themes. Why keep it for the kitchen though? It’s perfect for a college dorm room or a den too, or maybe put one up in your office if you sit next to a wall. Anywhere that you want to start a conversation or make a visitor grin.

Just be careful. If you’re not one already, reading that tragic but funny slogan could just turn you into a vegetarian!



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