Sugar Skull Full Face Temporary Tattoo (Heart & Flowers)

Sugar Skull Face Makeup Temporary Tattoo

So you plan to dress up in a Sugar Skull costume for a Halloween party or Day of the Dead celebrations? A colorful full-face sugar skull makeup job is much easier when you choose a high impact temporary tattoo that lets anyone create a captivating yet spooky look – no special makeup artist skills are needed.

This particular Mexican-inspired fake tattoo set is done in a feminine hearts-and-flowers theme, with huge dark eye decorations and a cute pert pink heart for the tip of your nose. Fine lines and curlicues are done in black, accented with colors of turquoise, green, blue, pink and yellow ochre. Around the chin and forehead is a wreath of flowers and tiny hearts. There are about 15 different pieces all together.

The instructions tell you to apply over clean dry skin, then remove the tattoo after the party with baby oil or an alcohol-based makeup remover. Rubbing alcohol is very effective but if you’ve got dry or delicate skin I’d bypass that and go for a gentler product, although it make take a bit more patience.

Some people have found it equally successful (and easier to take off)  when they put on the temporary tattoo over a good-quality foundation that’s been set with face powder.  For a real Sugar Skulls costume, choose a very pale foundation or even a white as your base makeup.

At this low price, I’d suggest picking up a couple of temporary tattoo sets so you can try what will work best for you, ahead of time – and if you change your mind about the placement of a particular decoration, you can just do it over with the same piece from your backup set.

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