Comic Superhero Are Rug for Kids' Rooms

Superhero Rug for Kids’ Rooms

Superhero rugs for kids’ rooms like this one here, are a great way to warm your bedroom space while supporting your Marvel Comic room on a reasonable budget. Many rugs feature one superhero but with this area rug your comic fan can enjoy Superman, Justice League and Batman characters in one piece.

The bright hues add to the comic palette and those ever-popular hardwood floors are made warm again–just  lay the rug down and you’re good to go. Add a mix of black and white superhero-themed decor to balance out the bedroom and if your kid’s room is one the small side, place this rug on the diagonal and your space just ‘grew’ by leaps and bounds (superhero talk; I couldn’t help myself).

While the area rugs won’t actually expand your kid’s room, you’ll certainly enjoy the illusion.

I’m featuring one superhero rug but there’s a host of other comic characters to choose from depending on which theme you’re after. Warm and ground your kid’s bedroom while supporting its theme and adding plenty of memorable fun.

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