Sushi Bazooka: Makes Perfect Sushi

Sushi, even though Japanese in origin has also roots in the American culture.  That is why the famous California Roll was reinvented.  All thumbs up to the chefs at Tokyo Kaikan Restaurant in Los Angeles for this pungent maki recipe.  Since sushi has become a favorite in America and is even popular in college cafeterias, it might interest you to try making one at home.  This may look and sound tedious but with the help of the Sushi Bazooka, you got in your hands the secret in making the perfect sushi.  This works like a giant-sized frosting pump.  Simply tuck the ingredients on the inside and rice on the outside and you are ready to push and roll it in the seaweed.  Your delicious inside-out roll is then ready to be served.  Who knows, you would be the next sushi connoisseurs.  Remember, practice makes perfect.

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