Side note: T-rex hates picking things up.

T-Rex Notepad

T-Rex doesn’t want to make a list of things to do, he wants to make a list of things he hates to do!

You can do the same as Mr. Rex, by writing up a common list of activities or tasks with the full understanding that these are things you do not want to do.

Grocery shopping? Awful. Crowds and kids and out-of-stock items.

Laundry? Well, there’s drudgery for an afternoon. Well, if you’re lucky it only takes one afternoon.

There’s carting people around to their activities, cooking dinner, paying bills, running to the ATM for a bit of cash, walking the dog, changing the cat litter or (the dreaded) cleaning of the bathroom. The possibilities are endless!

Specs: Size 4.25″ x 5.5″ inches. (10.8 x 13.97 Centimeters). 50 Sheets.

Meteor not included. Might want to have a martini instead.

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My main interests lie in what is funny, pretty, interesting or a combination of all three. Board games from when I was four, kick-ass jewelry, mugs that reference bodily functions...yeah, the scope is wide.

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