Take Better Selfies with the Selfie Stick

I guess as a society we all have one thing in common: we’re obsessed with ourselves.

I’m not leaving myself out either. I’ve taken my share of self-serving selfies. Hey, I look good, okay?

Actually, when you’re visiting an attraction and you want to prove you were there, you don’t want to entrust your smartphone to that questionable character that’s standing next to you woofing down a foot long hot dog. So you do what the rest of us do, you snap a pic of yourself.

Then when you share your photos, you’re friends are like, “well, she took MORE pictures of herself. It’s all about her.”

Luckily there’s a way to take a selfie without it looking like a selfie. The Noot Selfie Stick is an extendable rod that extends to hold your phone nearly three feet from you. Your selfie now looks like someone other than you snapped that pic of you standing in front of the beach or tourist attraction or wherever you happen to be.

I actually saw this thing in action and it’s pretty darn cool. On a recent visit to Stone Mountain, Georgia, a hiker was standing at the top of the mountain holding a stick in the air and smiling. I was confused, and I must have shown it. He came over and gave me a demo. It’s a neat little gadget. You can either put your camera on a timer or use a bluetooth button to snap your selfie. It works on both iPhone and Android phones, so no one is left out.

The Noot is durable and inexpensive. It’s a perfect just because gift or stocking stuffer.

Join the self-absorbed masses. Take a selfie!

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Abby Fitz is a writer of many interests. Gluten free cooking, natural hair care, photography, and court reporting are just some of her eclectic interests. Abby Fitz participates in the Amazon Associates Program.

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