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Taunting monster fights off reapeted dog attacks

A monstrous globular ogre that smells of vanilla but looks like the incarnation of a bad dream is reported to attract dog’s attention all over the country. Why dogs are drawn to it’s terrible complexion is something we will try to unravel..  and what purpose does it serve?

The Jolly teaser seems to be indestructible and has been documented by owners to withstand almost anything. How is this possible, and what are the monster’s secret defenses?

Putting up a good fight against fanged animals is a feat in itself and it has become obvious that this is a adversary with many strengths:

  • The body is composed of special non-toxic rubber that flexes and bends, but resists every effort of ripping.
  • It can swallow and hide morsels that taunt man’s best friend with irresistible scents of delicious treats.
  • The round form makes it easy to roll away from chasing dogs, although the protruding Mohawk hairdo does give it a irritating bounce.. that sometimes makes it shed a treat or two.
  • This is hideously ugly dog toy (purpose unknown as this does not seem to scare anyone away).

We can only conclude that canines ( of all sorts and sizes ) take up the fight with this taunting stimulator over morsels.

This might seem upsetting but reviewers indicate that the energetic battle is making everyone involved uncommonly happy. And healthy, as the constant chewing has many benefits: your best friend stands to gain healthier gums and teeth ( and thereby loose a bit of that dreadful dog breath ) !

This is a monster dog toy to get for a rottweiler, boxer or pit. Smaller breeds might find it hard to grab a bite so be on the lookout for younger siblings of the photographed ogre that might be found on the sales page.

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