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Techni Mobile Adjustable Laptop Stand – For Better Health

It’s dangerous to sit for extended periods

If you are spending long days hovering over your laptop, you’ve likely experienced back pain, sore muscles, and the headaches that can accompany hunching over a keyboard for hours on end. This adjustable laptop stand allows you to do your computer work while standing. Standing rather than sitting allows your circulatory system to work more effectively. Recent news reports, and articles have been suggesting that it’s actually dangerous to sit for long spells with at least occasionally standing and walking about.

Web MD explains sitting for long periods is associated with health issues

In fact an article by (a)Web MD goes on to suggest that if you spend long hours sitting at a desk (for whatever reason), you run a greater risk of coronary heart disease, including heart attack. Sitting for long hours is also linked to cancer, obesity, and bad cholesterol.

Standing laptop stand offers a solution

One way of getting around sitting all day, even when you spend your work day on a laptop is to use an ergonomically designed laptop stand. The Techni Mobile wood grained portable adjustable laptop stand allows you to stand up, and easily stretch an and walk around if necessary. Order your portable, adjustable vertical laptop stand today, and enjoy better health tomorrow.

Reference: (a)

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