Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon

I you are a fan of Norman Reedus you know he’s most popular for playing the Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon.  If you love Reedus OR Daryl Dixon then you need one of these in your house.

This is a life sized (70 inches by 30 inches) cardboard stand up poster of Daryl Dixon.

The sturdy cardboard poster can be mounted on your wall or stood up straight with the included easel.

The color is very vibrant and beautiful on this stand up poster of Daryl Dixon.  The result is to have a very lifelike image of the character for you own home.

Why do you need a stand up poster of The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon?

  • To keep Walkers away when you’re asleep.
  • To play Elaborate Walking Dead themed party games.
  • To scare yourself silly when you wake up in the middle of the night and forget that you have a life sized poster of a strange man in your bedroom/living-room/kitchen etc.
  • To prove that you are the ultimate The Walking Dead fan by having every item of officially licensed Walking Dead merchandise ever.
  • Because it’s illegal to kidnap Norman Reedus so you can have the real Daryl Dixon in your house.

Daryl Dixon is approx. 20 pounds and ships folded but don’t worry, he is easy to assemble and still beautiful.

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