top rated top selling compost pail

Top Rated Top Selling Compost Pail

Stainless steel compost pail

Rarely does it make sense to run your scraps out to the compost pile every time you prepare a meal. If you’re like many you have a pail or a bucket handy that you fill with the daily compostable waste. Well it’s time to kick the bucket. You never really liked that ugly smelly old thing anyway. And where do you hide it so company doesn’t see it?

Saving Mother Earth one gallon at a time

This one gallon stainless steel compost bucket is the perfect size to sit on a counter top, and is stylish enough to solicit compliments. Stop hiding the fact that you’re doing your bit to save Mother Earth, and start making a statement that may encourage others.

Odor eliminating charcoal liner

The stainless steel compost pail comes with refillable charcoal liners that eliminate odor and make it easy to keep the pail in reach of where you will be using it. No more hiding it in the garage or out the back door.

Order in minutes

It only takes a couple of minutes to order your stainless steel compost pail. If you order one today it can be shipped tomorrow, and stainless steel, doesn’t rust, scratch, or tarnish.

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