Trigger point foam roller

Trigger point foam roller with knobs

When I first saw one of these I thought.. What? Someone stole my idea! I have a DIY massager which looks much the same (made by wrapping plumbing isolation around a 6 inch pvc tube). My massage roll isn’t perfect but I give myself a good stretchy work-over with it. Anyway, what I thought was my genius invention turns out to have been on offer out there all along, and selling like ice cream on a hot day!

I put in a lot of time in front of the computer and used to have a lot of neck and back problems. I have learned to take more breaks, but massage has also done lots of good. Once I feel muscles start to tighten up.. kneading and pressing with the tube massager is the only thing that works.

What does a fitness foam roller do? Not much by itself but by rolling parts of your body over it, you can giver yourself a lengthwise, kneading, stretch-out massage or apply static regional point pressure on sore muscle knots. The cool part is that this is fitness gear that uses your own body weight as a power source which allows it to be lightweight, cheap and easy to use. Lean more on it and you give yourself a more powerful, deep massage.

There are different types surfaces available, from flat to spiky. The flat ones are too soft for my taste (better for doing Yoga exercises) and I’m not a fan of the sharp edges of some other versions.

What I prefer is the flat top knobby foam roller shown here which can deliver strong pressure on specific points yet is also comfortable for smooth and lengthwise limb motions. That the type that works like stretching.

Trigger point massage is one of the best ways to loosen tight muscles and unlock muscle knots that can be painful and limit your mobility. Point pressure and roller massage is a effective treatment against skeletal muscle stiffness. The medical term for this process is Myofascial Release, a therapy method that increases body flexibility, helps circulation and boosts lymphatic activity. Here’s a personal tip: use it as a neck support while reading!

Reading the reviews shows this to be one of the best muscle rollers. Some mention it isn’t long enough but on the other hand it is just the right size to use vertically on your back and easily packs into a bag. As a bonus, it also comes a book on foam roller instructions and self-massage therapy examples.

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