Two-Tone Be Graffiti Charm Necklace

Two-Tone Be Graffiti Charm Necklace

The Two-Tone Be Graffiti Charm Necklace with inspirational words makes it a beautiful and thoughtful gift for women.

Words have power and wearing the positive words that motivate you as charms on your neck gives you the same power to feel the emotions. This is a pretty set of 2 charms made of sterling silver. The smaller one in rose gold-flashed sterling silver has the word BE inscribed on it .The second charm in sterling silver has the inspiring words “Kind, Free, True, Brave, Strong, Happy, Thankful, Compassionate and at Peace” engraved on it in a graffiti style.

The delicate Two-Tone Be Graffiti Charm Necklace can be worn regularly and be used with all outfits.

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