Ultra Ever Dry Review – Does it Do What It Advertises?

So, you heard about this new product that repels almost any liquid! And you are thinking: is this for real or is this a scam? Find out in this Ultra Ever Dry review.

One thing is for sure: for me, Ultra Ever Dry is the real thing, ladies and gentlemen. Many have experienced using it on different types of everyday items: sneakers, tools, boots, bikes and gadgets with different types of liquids: water, oil, mud even paint!

Unfortunately, we cannot buy directly from the manufacturer website as they cater only to wholesalers and worldwide distributors. Fortunately, this amazing product is now available for us at Amazon.com.

Who will benefit from Ultra Ever Dry?

If you are someone who camps, hikes, dives or someone who works where you can get wet often (with not just water), then yes. You can make use of this product well for your shoes and other stuff like your goggle, cameras, smart phones and other stuff.

Are you someone who use or work around grease, oil, paint and cement regularly? Then yes. You will benefit greatly here too, because you will not only be able to apply this on your personal effects but also on your tools like funnels, wrenches, hammers, shovels, paint holders for easy cleaning.

However, to be honest, not everyone will benefit from this amazing product. If your particular need is to just repel water (and no other types of liquid) from your furniture or windows or clothing on a one time use only, you are better off buying the regular water repellent applications you can buy from your regular stores.

Benefits of Ultra-Ever Dry:

1. Anti-Wetting – When applied, it simply wont get wet!
2. Anti-Corrosion – Since moisture does not come in contact with the material, corrosion won’t happen.
3 Anti-Icing – Since there is no water, ice will never form on the material!
4. Self-Cleaning – Heavy oils, paint and other think liquid will be repelled. When dust and other particles accumulate on the surface, a quick splash of water will grab these and slide down from the hydrophobic surface.
5. Product-Life Extending – Since break down is usually caused by moisture (especially electronic gadgets) this will extend the material’s life.

Application of Ultra-Ever Dry is an Easy Three-Step Process!

Actually, Four, If You Count the Pre-step.

You Will Need:

1. The material to be coated
2. Ultra-Ever Dry Bottom Coat
3. Ultra-Ever Dry Top Coat
4. Ultra-Ever Dry Sprayers (one for each coat)
5. Protection: Respirator, Safety Glasses and Nitro Gloves

Coating Procedure:

Pre-Step: Clean the material to be coated free of dirt, dust, sand and other particles. If possible, sanding the material will enhance adhesion of the product. Wear your protection before touching the products.

Step one: Shake the can of the bottom coat then pour contents onto one of the two sprayers. Shake the sprayer and spray a few thin layers of the base coat. Allow to dry for 15 to 20 minutes.

Step two: Shake the can of the top coat then pour the contents into the second sprayer (note that you should use another sprayer). Shake the sprayer and spray the top coat equal to the amount you sprayed for the bottom coat.

Step three: Allow to dry. In 30 minutes, the coats have cured enough to be hydrophobic. For best results allow two hours of drying. A blow dryer may be used at low setting to quicken the drying process.

Frequently Asked Questions

OK so I researched the answers to the most common questions people ask me either on the comment sections below or through my email:

How many square feet can a quart of bottom and top coating can cover?
– Around 42-60 square feet. It depends on how efficient you apply the solution, really.

How long will the coating last?
– Under direct sunlight, the coating can last up to eight months and when used indoors, the coating can last up to a full year.

On what types of materials can I use Ultra-Ever Dry?
– Almost any material – metals, fabrics, plastic, glass even leather can be coated with Ultra Ever Dry. Just do not use it on living things like your dog :p

How do you apply Ultra-Ever Dry?
– See the application section above.

Can I use this on my car?
– It leaves a translucent white coating, so better not use it on your shiny red Ferrari yet. I will tell you when the transparent formula comes out.

Can I use it on my walls to prevent graffiti?
– It will only repel water-based paint, not oil based paint (which is the case of most spray paints) so mostly, no.

Can I use it on my phone and make it waterproof?
– Yes, it will make it waterproof, but it will look like it has a translucent coating that will turn off many people (look at the phone on this video if it looks good to you). So if you do not want that, you should not apply the product while we wait for the transparent coating.

Can I use it on wires and electronic parts?
– Yes. It is non-conductive.

How toxic/hazardous is the product during application and after it has dried?
– Once dry, there are no known environmental concerns. The coating has been found to be safe for use in nonfood contact areas of food processing plants. The coating meets FDA and USDA regulations for those types of applications. Safety gear are recommended because it dries out the skin and irritates the eyes.

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