wild horses shower curtain

Victoria Shultz Horse Shower Curtain

It must be feeding time

Here’s another exciting horse themed product from Rivers Edge. This shower curtain shows the herd in motion and it is titled “Rush Hour”… A very fitting comparison. It must be feeding time!

Many products with the Rush Hour Print

Click the by now shopping cart button to see the beautiful Victoria Shultz print vinyl horse shower curtain, and to see many other horse themed accessories made available through Rivers Edge. Rivers Edge makes a complete set of bathroom products, and other accessories that show the same Victoria Shultz print. Available are a tooth brush holder, soap dispenser,  umbrella, mouse pad, tissue box cover, why we even found the Rush Hour print on a toilet seat.

Time to kick out the sandalwood and seashells

Is it time to spruce up the old bathroom maybe toss the sandalwood and seashells you used to accessorize with back in “2000”? Step it up? You know you love horses. You know it’s a lot of fun to redecorate the bath. This time you can do it “your way”.

Cool selections

You may spend a few minute viewing all of the cool selections, while deciding exactly which items you want to put into your bath, but once you have made up your mind it will only take a moment to order today and they can ship tomorrow.

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