Vision Mask Costume for Kids from Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

For rabid Marvel fans, we already know that the Vision is coming in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron- the sentient android is the latest addition to the ever growing roster of superheroes in the Marvel cinematic universe. By the look of things, the Vision will probably be among the favorite newcomer in the film and is one of the most anticipated character for fans of all ages.

Meanwhile, here is the official child’s Mask costume of Vision – the picture above looks oversize for a child but the description says it is “one size” that should fit most kids. The mask complement the Vision costume/apparel which is available separately- kids can role play or don this as a costume for Halloween and dress-up parties.

In the comic book universe, Vision is a likeable android member of the Avengers with slew of awesome powers like being able pass through solid objects and flight– his abilities also includes some cool robotic perks like solar energy beams, superhuman strength and he can put fastest computer to shame with his electronic brain – not too shabby at all for a non-human member of the Avenger. In the movie, he is played by Paul Bettany– who also voiced Tony Stark’s  disembodied butler/digital voice assistant, Jarvis in Iron Man movies.

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