Vitaclay multi cooker

VitaClay Organic Multi Cooker

Enjoy  Healthy Natural Cooking With VitaClay VM7900-8 Smart Organic Multi Cooker. The VitaClay Clay Cooking Bowl is made of unglazed and highly prized Zisha Clay that enhances the flavor and preserves important nutrients and vitamins.  Free of non-stick coating or glazes your food never comes in contact with chemicals or aluminum. The Organic Zisha Clay ensures the uniform cooking of any dish, stews  pot roasts or grains.

Just ad the ingredients and the Delay timer and Automatic Warm allows you to start the cooking  any time and come home to serve a warm, delicious and healthy meal in minutes.

A VitaClay Organic Multi Cooker/Rice Cooker is a joy to use thanks to the preset multi-program functions and smart logic technology. Fully programmable from 10 minutes to up to 5 hours with 10 minutes increment and Automatic Warm.   The VitaClay Organic Multi Cooker comes with 7 -function factory settings  for various kind of rice as Sushi/Sticky, Wild Rice/Wholegrain and Stew/Roast or Steaming and a new one-button feature: Fermenting and Yogurt/Cheese function. A easily programmable display lets you make your own settings. Double Lid design creates a micro-pressure to maximize steaming and ensure tender and flavorful food. “Top kitchen picks” – WEIGHT WATCHERS | “Our favorite multitasker” – SHAPE MAGAZINE | “Best Slow Cooker” Award – GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

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