Wacky Dancing Tube Air Dancer

Wacky Dancing Tube Air Dancer

Perhaps I should have picked MrWacky instead of MrMusic as my Whyrll name because I have always loved seeing a Wacky Dancing Tube Air Dancer when driving around. They look so happy, waving and dancing as air is forced up their, well never mind THAT detail!

This one is available in five colors – RED, ORANGE, BLUE, GREEN & YELLOW, and are 20 feet tall! It also includes a 1HP (that HORSE POWER) blower that sits on the ground and blows air into the tube causing it ti dance. The diameter is 18″ and the tube material is light weight, durable nylon. The bottom of the tube is ringed with Velcro to attach the tube to the blower.

Designed for outdoor advertising and getting attention, they also are fantastic for an outdoor party. Hey, there are plenty of folks out there who could use one at their INDOOR PARTY. This Wacky Dancing Tube Air Dancer could change your life!

Also call an air dancer, sky dancer, dancing man & dancing tube, these fun and easy to use attention getters will let everyone know that something is HAPPENING!

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I have been playing music since 1967. I stared with the drums, then added guitar in 1970. I earned a BA in Music theory in 1977. Along the way I also learned bass guitar, ukulele and penny whistle. Through Whyrll.com I will be sharing lots of COOL STUFF to educate and make your life more FUN!

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