2012 Snowflake Wishes: Emerald for Courage

Waterford Crystal Emerald Flute – Stylish Holiday Glassware

A piece from Waterford Crystal’s Snowflake Wishes collection will make the holidays, or any occasion, truly special. This emerald champagne flute is one of the 10 distinctive limited edition designs that make up the collection.

Why are they called Snowflake Wishes?

Each of the ten designs in the Snowflake Wishes set has its own color and design. Just like snowflakes, if you collect them all each one will be unique.  In fact, to reflect this uniqueness, each design is also being released in its own year. The releases began in 2011 and the 10th and final crystal design will be released in 2020.

What’s maybe even more interesting is that each of these gorgeous designs is associated with its own special wish. That’s what makes them ‘Snowflake Wishes’.

The Snowflake Wishes for Courage Emerald Design

This one caught my eye right away. That beautiful emerald green of this glass is a perfect color to match a classic holiday theme, isn’t it? It also lets the clear crystal snowflake motif stand out. The Emerald glass was released in 2012 as the second of the series. (The first one was an equally lovely ruby red design in 2011.)

However, as I mentioned, this limited edition member of the collection has its very own message too. The emerald design is the one associated with courage. It’s a great way to wish someone a little extra strength and resilience, or to invite those virtues into your own life.

I’ve showcased the flute here, which has the elegance to hold its own even on the most lavishly decorated holiday table. I think it would be lovely for a Christmas wedding too, and would certainly make a perfect winter wedding gift. Even better, each one arrives in its own satin-lined silver gift box, finished with a coordinating emerald green ribbon and a silver snowflake charm.

In case you are wondering, it holds 6 fluid ounces, so use it or just admire it, the choice is yours. Either way this is a stunning range of glassware from the world-famous luxury brand that you will treasure for years to come.

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