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Wear A Crash Test Dummy Suit For Halloween

I absolutely love this idea for a guy to wear on Halloween! Wearing a crash test dummy suit for your next costume party is definitely something unique and different. Isn’t that what we want when we go to the trouble of dressing in costume? Something different, something that no one else thought of. My guess is that there won’t be another one at your party or walking down the street with the kids as they go begging for Halloween candy from door to door. Think of the comments you will get!

This crash test dummy suit is considered a skin suit because it fits you just about as good as your own skin does. Much like the Blue Man group if you think about it. Although those guys might have their heads painted instead of wearing a head piece that comepletely covers their face and head, this suit has a mask like piece that will completely disguise who you are.

When I saw this costume, I just thought that it was amazing and different. One that I think would be a huge hit at any party no matter whether it was Halloween or not. Kind of perfect for an office party if you work for the automotive industry, that is for sure.

I wondered just how long crash test dummies have been around and was kind of surprised that they are relatively new in the history of auto making. Considering that the first fatality from an auto accident was way back in 1869, you would think that testing for auto safety would have started pretty early on. Well, it did in a somewhat gruesome way. Want to know what came before the crash test dummy that we are familiar with today? Cadavers! Yes, you read that correctly. The first testing was done on dead people. Guess they probably didn’t get much resistance from the recently deceased in whether they wanted to participate or not.

Around 1949, the first prototype came into being from a guy named Samuel Alderson. He built a mannequin like dummy to test ejection seats for aircraft and it was adapted by GM and Ford to use in testing their automobiles. Neither company was quite pleased with the results and developed a version more to their own liking. Oddly, that wasn’t until 1971 when GM engineers created their own version of a crash test dummy. Amazing that it took over 100 years from the first fatality before anything remotely usable came about.

The early models from 1971 and 1972 were really only good for testing seat belts so there was a need to develop this idea a little further. Enter the year 1976 when better dummies were created to do all sorts of testing for what the impact of an accident would do to the human body. These crash test models were made more like a real family in the different heights, weights and builds of actual humans who could be involved in a crash.

OK, you might not have wanted all of this trivia about a crash test dummy in order to decide whether you wanted to dress like one for Halloween or not. Look at it this way, now when you don your costume, you have something to add to the conversation when people start talking to you about how cool the suit is!

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