White Chandelier Wall Decal

Wall decals are a decorator’s well-kept secret, as they’re certainly not your grandma’s wall paper, nor are they a wall sticker that stays stuck–hang these wall decals crooked, and you’ve a second, third and  . . . well . . . you get enough tries to get it right, and then some.

While I’ve only included this white chandelier wall decal, rest assured, you can see the vast array of hues, designs, and subjects from horses to cute bears for baby’s nursery and so many more fun, vinyl wall decals for every room in your house.

What’s my favorite feature when decorating your space with wall decals? There isn’t one–there’s a whole host of fun ideas I can appreciate and you will, too:

  1. easy to apply
  2. chandelier wall decals can look funky, fun or sophisticated
  3. huge wall decals can serve as a wall mural
  4. create your own scene by cutting away pieces from other wall decals
  5. use the chandelier wall decal with a French-style lamp post on another wall (as a ‘floor lamp’  by a chair)
  6. use diffeterent wall decals in several colors to add pop!
  7. a host of colors to choose from
  8. a wall decal for any room; vast subjects
  9. wall decals are washable vinyl
  10. remove by peeling; then reapply
  11. easy to correct mistakes
  12. uber – cheap
  13. one huge wall decal can serve as focal point
  14. a horizontal wall decal can serve as your bed’s  ‘headboard’
  15. chandelier wall decals look like the fixtures without fuss or electricity
  16. chandelier wall decals can look funky, fun or sophisticated
  17. reusable: pass the chandelier wall decal to a younger sibling when you or your child redecorates

Have I given you enough  inspiration to get you motivated and confident? I hope so!

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