White Fluffy Area Rug

White Fluffy Area Rugs are a great way to add warmth to cold, hardwood floors. Rugs also ‘ground’ your room’s decor, adding a final touch to common living areas and and nursery rooms, alike.

The hardwood floors that are oh-so-popular in today’s homes may leave your living room, baby’s nursery or tween to teen girls’ bedrooms are fabulous, easy-care flooring solutions. But those large expanses of bare ¬†floors need rugs to balance out the room’s furniture vs. flooring result.

With white high-pile (aka fluffy) area rugs like this one, you’ll have the freedom to decorate around it. Its white hue absorbs light yet distributes it about the space and depending on the time of day, you’ll enjoy the different tones this rug will project. Indeed, white area rugs definite earn their keep; they’ll serve you well as you incorporate it in most any room’s decor.

For baby’s nursery, white, fluffy area rugs add both simplicity and sophistication; for the latter, simply hang a cute, mini chandelier over top of the rug for the ‘oh, wow!’ result. Keep the nursery simple adding a cute table and themed lamp.

In living areas and bedrooms, white fluffy rugs will go from cozy to cosmo with the addition of appropriate accessories and wall art.

Truly the versatile addition, the ever-loyal, white fluffy area rug will pump up the volume, if you will, to any part of your home.

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