White Fuzzy Pillow

First, this ‘pillow’ is indeed, a full-on, white fluffy pillow and not a white furry cover. Be sure when shopping for throw pillows, that you’re getting a full pillow and not just the cover/case. Pillow covers are great, too, but you’ll need to fill it. This pillow is ready to make your room warm and fuzzy.

Now, on to decorating with white furry, fluffy-fuzzy pillows:

As I mentioned, white is the ideal choice to fill in bare spaces in your colorful bedroom or common living area.

Add fluffy, fuzzy . . . er . . . furry textures, and your decor just became the more posh, layered space you’re looking for. If the white pillow is for your bedroom, having depth and layering is a must, as is the addition of many accent pillows. How nice is it to retire at night’s end in a warm, furry–or fluffy–take your pick of posh bed?

For modern to colorful living areas, white furry pillows won;t conflict with your existing hues, but will for sure be a fave and an eye-catcher in the smallest of rooms. It’s easy to envision this fuzzy pillow in your favorite space, but be forewarned: a white fuzzy pillow may go missing, as everyone in your home will want to cuddle up to it!

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