The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Co-Workers at the Office

Spread the holiday cheers at the office! You owe it to them. All that nose, gossiping, pranks and seriousness add to the flair and fun at the office. Without those, the work life will be bland and boring. Zombie-like, to be exact.

Here are five great gift ideas for the co-workers at the office. These gift ideas won’t cost a fortune (not unless you have over 9000 officemates, where in case you just give to the closest pals), so you will be seen as not overreaching but really cool, useful and quality at the same time, so you will not be seen as cheap.

Have fun browsing, and if you have a great idea, give your suggestions on the comments sections down below!

Whiteboard Notebook

This is best for those who love to take notes and give small presentations at the office. Most likely, these are the guys who work at the sales department. These whiteboard notebooks look cool, and are as useful as the old whiteboard, but portable. An iPad can run out of battery, but a Whitebord can still function without power!

Book Pillow

Those who always try to catch a nap during breaks will find this book pillow hilarious. Based on classics like Alice in Wonderland among others, these book pillows bring a smart but funny gift idea for those who love to read and take a nap. Also can be a cool, inexpensive gift idea for the boss. They always sleep on their desk, whether they admit it or not.

Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer

For the office friend who hates germs! Or those who love humor. Or both. This gift idea is quite inexpensive, so Maybe You Touched Your Genitals hand sanitizer a cool gag gift that can be given away in bulk to office mates or even employees. Also, this can be given as a gift to that ball-scratching office worker. Gross!

Many people say that a coffee mug the worst gift ever. I do not agree! Especially if the coffee mug is this cool and funny. Imagine making your officemates laugh whenever you sip on your cup of java. Try doing that on a board meeting! This is perfect for the geeky office mate. Also the fans of Walking Dead.

Monday Morning Mug

Another coffee mug! All employees hate Mondays, so this Monday mug (and its heavenly contents) is all a worker needs to make a hellish start of the week good for the office grind. The cool design, which changes from asleep to awake when hot stuff is poured into it is just genius.

USB Programmable Message Fan

Every office has that one guy who is always updated on the latest iPhone gossip or the guy who loves computers so much. Most probably the IT guy. This programmable message fan is the best gift idea for him! This is a cool (figuratively and literally) gift idea he can use on his desk, where he can put his greetings or his cold shoulder messages if he is too busy coding.

Whyrll editors also recommend

Leaf-It Sticky Memo Pads

Gift these unique looking Leaf-It Memo Pads to your office mates and have your sterile office bloom into an "office garden" with greenery spreading all over come spring time. They make a nice replacement to the boring old yellow stick-it notes. These have really nice and realistic leaf imprints and even comes in 3 different sizes.

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