The Best Gift Ideas for Dr. Who Fans!

This really exciting sci-fi TV series has a ton of cult following! Almost any household in the US right now has at least one member getting crazy with show. I know you know one who would love to receive a Dr. Who stuff from you, so browse our top picks for the best Dr. Who Gift Ideas for the fans of the show!

TARDIS Shower Rack

Dr. Who Fans eat, sleep and drink TARDIS, so why not let them shower with one? This uber geeky TARDIS shower rack will definitely make your Whovian geek happy.

This is best for college Whovians who live in a small space and thus have a small bathroom. The TARDIS shower rack saves space for those shampoo and soaps and shaving cream and other grooming stuff that keeps every geek from smelling like a Walker.

TARDIS Cookie Jar

More TARDIS madness! This one is especially made for those who love to have a snack now and then, or those who work at the office. This Officially licensed TARDIS cookie jar will hold all those delish treats while showing the world that your geek is a raging fan of the TV show.

Opening and closing the lid creates the ever so sweet sounding TARDIS sound, along with some cool blue light. Imagine you are a Time Lord, traveling though space, to retrieve that yummy sweet chocolate chip cookie. Yum.

One half of the founders of Whyrll. A normal guy by day, a ninja by night. Has the radical hair that can launch a thousand UFO's and has the coolness factor of a cucumber dipped in ketchup.

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