Christmas Gifts: Best Toys 3 Year Old Boys (2014)

The best toys for 3 year old boys are the products that inherently sharpen and challenge the child’s motor skills and creativity.

This is because at this age, little boys develop musculature and are becoming more active. In addition to this, three-year old boys learn to talk in sentences, learn to recognize colors, letters and numbers. Some kids develop a yearning for social interaction at this age, too, but usually, this comes at 4-5 years.

This is the reason why you must be careful in choosing what toys to give your little boy. Some toys are just too difficult but some are just way too easy.

Here is a list of Christmas toys for your boy. There are the best gifts for 3 year old boys ever!

Kinetic Sand

This is the molding clay of the future! We all know that building sand castles is a great social activity for kids. It also ignites their creativity and imagination. But what if you cannot go outside? This Kinetic sand is a mix of all natural sand and a little bit of polymer. The result is a really fun sand that has the consistency of moist sand but does not stick to hands, clothes or hair. It only sticks to itself, so clean up is easy, too. This is an awesome toy for a 3 year old boy.

Shaving Toy Set

Some dads love to play pretend office with their little boy where the child will wear his dress shirt and tie and pretend to go to office, like his super dad. Why not go all the way? This pretend shaving toy set does not have any sharp blades but comes with a cute shaving cream, so dad and his boy can go shave together. Add a flexing session on the mirror too. It makes a hilarious video that your kid will laugh at when he gets older.

Kidoozie Build A Road X-Track

This car track construction kit can sometimes be too difficult to a three year old boy, but you can help him out on this one. The colorful tracks help the development of the kid's brain and constructing can bring endless hours of creativity. The best thing about this toy is that you can take the tracks apart and build a new road, making playability of this toy endless.

Melissa & Doug See & Spell

See and spell is a colorful spelling toy. Since children at age three starts to learn colors and spell basic words, then this is the best educational toy for a three year old boy. This is also a great tool for word and picture association, which develops around a year later in your child's development.

Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave

I can almost say that this is the dollhouse for boys. ;) This complete Batman role play set comes with the action figures of Batman and Robin, their vehicle, their tools and the Batcave. Your child's imagination will go wild as he makes up an episode of Batman in his mind. This is an awesome gift idea for your three year old boy.

EasyScore Basketball Set

When it comes to developing your child's motor skills, nothing comes close to a physical game, like biking or basketball. The EasyScore can let your child play a game of basketball that is not too hard nor too easy for him. The best thing about this toy is that he can use this when he is 5-6 because this is adjustable to up to 4 feet. This is social, too. You child can play ball with his new playmates.

Battle Rover

This is a great toy truck that your child can ride, too. Your child can imagine he is in outer space, exploring. This makes a nice toy that can get your child's imagination flowing. You child can ride this toy, too. You can join the fun and pretend you are sentient alien life he just discovered. Awesome!

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