The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Boss

Giving a present to your boss is quite tricky. If you go expensive, he might think you are sucking it up to him. If you go cheap, well, you are viewed as cheap. You must go in between what is looked at as expensive, but keep it quality. One of the safest moves you can do when gifting to a superior is to treat him as a co-worker. Give the same (tasteful!) stuff you would give your office mates and you will be fine.

Still want more tips? Here are some suggestions: The best Christmas gifts for your boss.

Desk Egg: Paper Clip Picker

This desk egg, a paperclip and stapler picker (any metallic objects, really) is really tasteful and cute. It can also act as a paperweight, which many bosses would need to have. Especially those who have a ton of papers who affix their signature upon. Most probably the bosses from finance and human resources. Those bosses tend to have a ton of paperworks. This is quite inexpensive and you do not have to break the bank to get this for your boss. Or to any co-worker, really.

USB Astronaut Light

How many times have you fumbled on your keyboard or desk when you are working on a dimmed room during an overtime? This USB astronaut light is the perfect gift idea for bosses who love to spend extra hours before going home. the 12 lumens of light this cute and creative gift idea will definitely spruce and lighten up his workplace. Super cool. IT bosses would appreciate this.

The Ninja Mug

If your cool boss is a coffee addict, you can definitely give him a cool coffee mug, like this cool ninja mug. It must be so cool because I have said cool five times already. It would hold hot beverages, though. The ninja's mask serves as an insulator and it also comes with a shuriken coaster and a kodachi stirrer. Especially appreciated by younger (geeky) bosses.

Cordies – Desk Cord Organizer

If you experience computer cords tangling, your boss does, too. So why not get him one of these desk cord organizers - these look ultra cool, are compact and immensely useful. This is the perfect gift idea for the techy bosses who brings iPad to his office. Those apple cables can get very tangly.

Savador Dali Melting Clock

For the more artistic and creative bosses (think: superiors from art department, or even marketing), this is a great gift idea. This is like, straight out of the painting, The Persistence of Memory. Your artistic boss will definitely going to like this and will appreciate the fact that you appealed to her more artistic side.


The. Smallest. Lightning. Cable. Ever. Everybody has iPhones now and Chargekey is the world's smallest lightning cable. In fact, it can fit like a key to a keychain and wont tangle with your earphones during commute. This super cool innovation also comes in 'Droid connectors if your boss does not use Apple tablets.

One half of the founders of Whyrll. A normal guy by day, a ninja by night. Has the radical hair that can launch a thousand UFO's and has the coolness factor of a cucumber dipped in ketchup.

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