Christmas Gifts: Hot Toys for Boys, Age 4, 5, 6 (2014)

Looking for a cool Christmas gift idea for your preschooler? Allow me to list some of the best selling hot toys for boys, age 4, 5, 6.

At this age, your little boy is definitely not a baby anymore. He will start to explore learning, creativity and invest emotionally to his surroundings. Your boy will find his own band of friends and become more sociable.

To match this developmental stage of your boy, you must choose games that tickle his imagination (satisfies the learning and creativity part) and something he can play with his friends (for the social part).

Here are a few matches we found. Take note that these toys are taken from the best sellers list found in Amazon and ToysRUs. You are assured that these are up to date and are the hottest toys right now.

LeapFrog LeapTV

This is an interactive video game for kids. Technology has added the risk of obesity to our kids and we can definitely use it too to prevent it. This glorious video game for kids lets them play a la Wii and Kinect combined. Your boy will have fun playing with his school pals while they learn and get exercise at the same time. You can join in too.

Mutant Masher

Mutant Masher is a really cool assemble-your-own action figure play set for the boys. Your boy can assemble different combinations of the fighters. Your kid's imagination will soar. This set includes only one mutant, so you would have to buy some more mutants if you want to keep your kid busy for hours. If your boy has buddies you have the same toys, they can exchange torso's with their mutants. Score!

Max Tow Truck

It is a small truck that can pull him and his pals! This can lead to great sociable playtime. Your boy can also experiment on what this tiny little power house can pull, from small mundane objects to rocks or household stuff. This can give him an idea of the principles of weight. You can play with him, too. If you are under 200 pounds, then this toy can pull you.

Big Hero 6 Baymax Mask and Rocket Fist

If your boy went gaga over Disney's Big Hero 6, then this role playing set which consists of Baymax's rocket fist and a Baymax mask is a great gift idea this Christmas. Because kids love to role play (remember when you used to play the Green Ranger? Yep, same thing, but different heroes...), your child will have a blast playing with his pals.

Big Hero 6 Hiro's Journal

Not really a toy, but you can use this as an add on to the Baymax role play set I recommended above. This opens the floodgates of imagination for your child, imagining he created those sketches of making seemingly frail kids into high-tech super heroes. Or he can just lend it to a friend, if he wants to stay role playing Baymax. His friend can be Hiro Hamada.

Hot Wheels Street Hawk

This super cool flying car from Hot Wheels can even capture grown up men's attention, I tell you. It is that cool. This RC toy can keep your boy occupied for hours and, if your child has friend who have other RC toys, they can play together in the school yard. Cool!

Also known as the "REAL DRAMATIC CHIPMUNK", Buchokoy spends most of his time burrowing underground and browsing the internet. When he gets tired of doing that, he scoops for the hottest children's toys via the stalls in the mall. Also, he likes to describe himself in third person.

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