Great Skyrim Gift Ideas for Elder Scrolls Fans

As someone who sunk hundreds of hours playing Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, I know I want replicas of the stuff I see in the game. After all, as much as I want to be the Dovakin, I cannot, and getting copies of the weapons, statues and other stuff in the game is the next best thing to being the Last Dragonborn and casting illusion spells.

If you are, or know someone who loves the Elder Scrolls games (Skyrim, especially) then you might want to see this page. I listed some great Skyrim gift ideas for Elder Scrolls fans.

Fus Ro Dah!

"Maybe I'm the Dragonborn" Shirt

Cool shirt! If you ever passed a guard in Skyrim that says this, it is quite funny! This awesome shirt will definitely give the Skyrim fans a giggle as they read the shirt. Note that the person reading the shirt might be the Last Dragonborn and get offended. Beware! Comes in different colors.

Daedric Sword Letter Opener

One of the most powerful weapon class in Skyrim can be yours in your hand. Well, a miniature version, that is. This Daedric Sword letter opener is the next best thing to wielding a weapon made by Dremora. You can stare and admire the craftsmanship, keep it as a gamer memorabilia or you can actually open letters and boxes with it. Your choice!

Imperial Legion Badge Wallet

This is another great gift idea for fans of Skyrim! Your geek can safe keep his money from the pickpockets while announcing to everyone his allegiance to the Imperial Legion! For Skyrim! For Tamriel! This super awesome, quality wallet is trifold, has three credit card slots and the iconic Empire logo. Cool beans!

Imperial Legion Pendant

Beware of Stormcloaks if you wear this one! This pendant, like the wallet announces your allegiance to the Empire and thus might aggravate any of Ulfric's boys if they see it. The craftsmanship of this pendant is just superb - it is made of silver coated steel and looks good hanging on any neck, be it male of female.

Iron Helmet Hoodie

So funny and goofy! This hoodie will definitely make any Skyrim gamer happy. The hood of this hoodie looks like what the canonical Last Dragonborn wear, an iron helmet Well, a kooky version, that is. This is guaranteed to keep your gamer geek warm while playing Elder Scrolls.

Last Drognborn Statue

I was blown away with the craftsmanship of this one. It is obvious that the item is handcrafted and hand painted, with attention to detail in mind. This statue of the Last Dragonborn features the muscled blonde Nord, dual wielding weapons and wearing his scaled armor and iron helmet. You can swap the head to a no-helmet one.

Talos Shrine Statue Replica

Like the Dragonborn statue, this Shrine of Talos replica is just awesomely detailed. Now this replica might not give blessings, but this looks friggin' cool, if you ask me. I myself would love to get this along with the Dragonborn statue. Now if you get one for yourself, just be wary of the Thalmor. Those snotty elves will try to arrest you.

"Keep Calm and Remove Arrow from your Knee" Shirt

Arrow in the Knee... that running gag from Skyrim got every guard from any of the holds laughing. Along with the sweetroll joke. I do not get it! Oh, look, they even made this into a shirt. If you like this joke, then you might want to get yourself one of these shirts. Well, at least the iron helmet logo looks cool!

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