Non-book Gifts for Book Lovers

Logically, the best gift for a book lover is naturally a book. However, the problem is identifying the right book. How do you know if the book lover will enjoy the book gift or what if he or she has already read it? To save yourself the trouble of searching for the right book, you can just forget about getting a book entirely and just go for a non-book gift that a book lover will appreciate and enjoy.

Here are some great non-book gifts that you might want to consider for a book lover family member or friend. Any true book lover or reader will be pleased to receive these.

Book Pillow

The perfect gag gift for that book lover who literally falls asleep on his books. The book pillow is definitely a much more comfortable option to fall on flat on your face. The Book Pillow is designed after actual classic literature like Treasure Island and Alice in Wonderland. Makes a nice decorative piece for your favorite reading nook as well.

You-Bumi Waterproof Book Cover Bath Bag

The You-Bumi Waterproof Book Cover Bath Bag is exactly what its name implies. It is a waterproof book cover for your favorite book so that you can bring it along with you and enjoy reading while having a relaxing bath. It keeps your favorite book safe from water splashes as well if you accidentally drop it into the bath. For turning pages, the cover comes with convenient thumb sleeves that you slip your thumb into and turn the page.

Teleportation Portal Bookends

Book lovers who are also big fans of the smash hit PC puzzle game, Portal, will love to have these Teleportation Portal Bookends adorning their bookshelves and sandwiching their favorite books. The bookends are styled after the instantly recognizable signs found in the game. It even has the correct portal colors, orange for entry and blue for exit. Part of the figure is shown going into the entry portal while the rest of the figure is shown coming out from the exit portal.

Kindle Fire HD For Kids

Now kids too can enjoy the delights of reading on a tablet. The best thing about the Kindle Fire HD for kids is not the Kindle device itself but free one year subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited that comes with every unit of the Kindle Fire HD for Kids. With this subscription kids have unlimited free access to all kinds of kid-friendly content like movies, TV show, games as well as 5,000 children books.

Bedside Smartphone Stand

For those who like to do a little reading on their smartphones, I recommend getting them the Bedside Smartphone Stand. This handy little device clamps to the side of your bed while the other end of it is a universal smart phone mount that is attached to a flexible gooseneck arm. You can adjust the position of your smartphone for some hands free reading. If you are really lazy, you can even adjust it to let you read while lying face up on your bed.

Anpress Wedge Panel Book Light

For the book lover who enjoy reading at night, the Anpress Wedge Panel Book Light makes the ideal gift. This unique book light is a lighted piece of clear plastic that is placed on the pages of a book. The light panel lights up the entire page evenly without causing a glare that disturbs your bed or room companion.

House Page Markers

The House Page Markers are a set of colorful house-shaped stick-it notes that are also great as book markers. Great for marking your favorite quotes or passages from a book or mark a place on the book that you would like to come back to at a later time. These cheap markers make great stocking stuffers.

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